The Artwork of Joseph Q. Daily


Joseph Q. Daily is a classically trained artist living & working in Vestal, NY.

Self portraits through the years:

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I paint a variety of subject matter in oils on canvas, and I specialize in commissioned portraits.

My Journey

Born in 1981 to two freelance illustrators, I have been making pictures for as long as I can remember. My early interests were in comics & cartooning ... until 10th grade, when a fantastic art teacher opened the door for me into the world of carefully observed, representational drawing (thanks, Mrs. Jewett!). I went on to study painting at the School of Visual Arts (BFA 2003 Illustration), where classes with Marvin Mattelson laid the foundation for my work as a naturalistic painter.

I sold my first painted portrait while still in college, but after graduating, I was only able to sustain a trickle of commissions and soon resorted to a stint at house painting in order to stay afloat. With my last bits of spare time and money, I painted a full-length show-portrait of my then-fiancée’s father. Several months later, the painting ended up winning both Best of Show & The People's Choice Award at the Portrait Society of America's 2005 International Competition. A fortuitous meeting with Minnie S. Churchill – director of the (Winston) Churchill Heritage and keynote speaker at the event – threw a struggling career into swift success. Over the next five years, I completed more than 80 commissioned portraits in the U.S. and the U.K. It was a wild ride.

In 2008 I moved to Vestal, onto a beautiful piece of land that I am grateful to call home. I earn the bulk of my living painting commissioned portraits for private families and public institutions, but whenever I have time, I enjoy seeking out paintable subjects in the gardens, fields, and woods outside my studio. Of course, my favorite subject is my wife Maria – here are some of our favorite collaborations from over the years:

  • Dreaming of Winter
  • Standing in the Sun
  • Sailing Home
  • Admiration
  • Maria's Wish

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My Inspiration

The book In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message is a constant source of inspiration for me – both as a painter and as a person. This book has answered every burning question I have ever had about the purpose of art and the meaning of life. More information ›

In Gratitude

  • To my family, for supporting me in everything I have undertaken
  • To Marvin, for his invaluable technical guidance
  • To the Churchills, for their business, enthusiasm, and warm hospitality
  • To Kathryn, for taking care of me for five years
  • To John & Christa, for giving me a home
  • To Maria, for making my dreams come true
  • To GOD, for the gift of a conscious existence in Creation