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Adventures in Construction 3: On Solid Ground

Posted on: May 23, 2010

Adventures in Construction 3: On Solid Ground

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full month since my last construction post … the days are just packed with work and experiencing, and I’ve been juggling all sorts of endeavors – from webwork, to house building, to some portrait painting, to my first ever workshop … I even had a birthday along the way :)

For the building site, this was an especially big week, with two concrete pours on Monday and Tuesday – one for the main crawl space floor, and one for the garage floor. Thankfully, with all of the backfilling done, the concrete trucks could maneuver much more easily, which meant that we could happily leave our wheelbarrows at home. This finally marks this the end of our concrete work, which not only means that we are done mucking around in the mud, but also that we are moving on to working with wood (John’s natural element).

Some persistent rains kept the main floor surface wet for quite awhile, so on Wednesday John ran around buying materials and prepping things. Then we spent Thursday welding, grinding, and painting support posts for our floor joists, and on Friday we installed all of our beams and joists in a long, hot, but fast day’s work. Now we are ready to install plywood for the main floor on Monday, with walls to follow shortly!

Interestingly, we were at just this step around this time last year, building a similar structure for a friend/client in the Adirondacks … we actually laid 28 sheets of plywood on my 28th birthday! The footprint for Renée’s house is larger, though, so it will take us quite a few more than 29 sheets this year….

Before the pourAfter the pour

Grinding awayPainting and measuringThe Ghost of Painters PastCookie break!

Installing joistsEyeing the camberFloor!