The Artwork of Joseph Q. Daily


Binghamton Sepia Portrait Workshop

September 26–27, 2014

Binghamton Sepia Portrait Workshop

I will be leading a two-day sepia portrait workshop on September 26-27 in Binghamton, NY. All levels of experience are welcome! For more information or to register for the workshop, Click Here…

Working from a live model, students will learn to paint “sepia” portraits using only Raw Umber oil paint. Light and an understanding of three-dimensional form will be our tools for conveying a lifelike expression of the model’s spirit.

On Day 1, I will demonstrate the entire day, walking students through every step of my thinking and painting process. On Day 2, students will each complete a sepia portrait of their own, as I offer group and individual guidance to keep everyone’s painting on track.

Although our focus will be portraiture, the techniques and principles we cover can be applied to any type of oil painting: landscape, figure, still-life, etc.