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Winter Reflections

Posted on: Mar 10, 2014

Winter Reflections

Here in New York, the winter of 2013–14 has been hard and cold. I spent much of it with a frozen kitchen sink and a studio heater working overtime.

But it has also been a fantastically beautiful few months, and now that spring is almost in sight, I am looking forward to displaying the fruits of the season – along with some old favorites – at the West End Gallery’s “In the Spotlight” exhibition (March 14 – April 25 in Corning, NY). The show opens this Friday, 5:00–7:30pm, with food, drinks, and live music.

My new paintings are a direct reflection of the season’s experiencing – from wandering through the remains of a magnificent snowfall, to steeping in the quiet solitude of a February afternoon indoors. But the older works fit the theme as well – from ‘Harvest Song’, where the season begins to turn, to the whitetail antlers that inevitably mark the transition from autumn into winter, to the pair of roses that I painted several years ago to lift myself out of a “deep and dark December”.

The subject matter of each piece is personal to me, but I hope that they all express qualities that everyone can relate to.

The following paintings are all available for purchase through

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‘Into the Woods’ – 18” x 24”

‘Going Home’ – 18” x 24”

Study for ‘Into the Woods’ – 9” x 12”

Study for ‘Going Home’ – 9” x 12”

‘A Long Winter’ – 20” x 24”

‘Sunbleached Antlers’ – 16” x 24”

‘Harvest Song’ – 31” x 47”

‘Love and Loss’ – 12” x 22”

‘Hope’ – 10” x 18”