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Adventures in Construction 5: Time Flies

Posted on: Aug 02, 2010

Adventures in Construction 5: Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun! Work on my mother’s house has been a blast, and we’ve come a long way since my last construction post (way back when we had just laid plywood for the lower floor). Since then, we have:

  • framed and sheathed the first floor walls
  • framed the second floor walls
  • roughed out the main stairs
  • laid plywood for the second floor
  • milled and installed beam ends for the first floor overhang
  • sheathed and covered the lower roof, including two curved cricket areas
  • raised the second floor trusses and installed special beam ends for the second floor overhang (see my next post)

Here are some shots from along the way:

Our first wall

Putting mom to work


On to the second floor

Roughing in the stairs

First floor trusses


Pulling up trusses

Fully sheathed

Finishing beam ends

The master and his creation

Beautiful ... but hopefully the last time we see water on the floor!

Installing the overhang

Future beams

The lower roofline

Unloading plywood

Laying sheathing